4 Amazing Uses of Re-sealable Bags

4 Amazing Uses of Re-sealable Bags

Are you a D-I-Y person?

If yes then re-sealable bags are just the perfect companions for you!

These are simple stand up pouches with a zipper that can be opened, used and closed back again.

It does have its benefits when in use, but what do we do when they are lying around empty?

If you have a lot of re-sealable bags lying around and don’t know what to do with, here are some ways that you can put them to use and have some fun of your own!

Make Cocktails Ever More Fun

Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you don’t like to have fun with the things you used to.

Age doesn’t make you like funny drinks any less and especially not the drinks that are served funny.

If you are hosting a party at home and don’t have the plastic cups, these could make your serving more fun.

You can pour your adult drinks into the plastic bags, place a funny straw and seal them up real nice.

That would make your drinks easy to carry, funny and you won’t have wasted any of the cups.

Cocktails without Ice? No Way!

What is the fun in having drinks without having a whole ton of ice in it?

The drink would be a flop even with the plastic bag and a very fancy straw if there is no crushed ice in it.

Oh did I say crushed ice? Yes I meant crushed ice!

But what if you don’t have a nice fancy fridge that would just give you that crushed ice?

Here is a trick and all you need is a rolling pin and a pouch.

Take the ice cubes out of the tray.

Put them inside the pouch and seal it.

Now take the rolling pin and take out your life’s frustration on the ice by hitting it.

You have your catharsis and crushed ice.

Protect the One You Love The Most

And by that I mean you cell phone.

It is very clear now that smartphones have a place in the lives of people that other people don’t.

And so they are very possessive and protective about it.

God are we possessive about them.

And so what happened if you are sitting at a beach under an umbrella reading a book on your phone and want to save it from the sand?

This is where re-sealable pouches jump in.

You can put your phones inside them and use them.

Ever Had a Spill in Your Purse?

We have all been there.

And it is not an easy mess to clean up.

In addition to the ruins of the purse.

So what do you do?

As a lady, it is almost sacred to carry make up around with you.

Yet you can’t afford to waste the bag and the makeup.

You know what you can do?

Close them up in a re-sealable pouch and keep the products of such kinds safe and covered.

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5 Reasons That Will Convince You to Use Stand Up Pouches

The race to win over the customer is getting tougher by the minute. And the tricks to lure the customer in are getting obsolete by the second. In such a hustle, you have to think carefully and opt for something genuine to make the customer see your product. And the thing that has the ultimate power to trap the attention of the customer is the attractiveness of the packaging. Surely you have heard a lot about stand up pouches and their many benefits.

What? You haven’t?

You have no idea how much you have been missing out on! Here are very few of the many reasons that make stand up pouches the most suitable form of packaging, if you aren’t already on it you probably will be by the end of these reasons.

They can be Re-Sealed

Now if you are selling a bag of coffee beans, or breakfast cereals, it will not be used in one go. People open it up, use it and then want to close it back up and use it again. This can very easily be accomplished by using the stand up pouches. You can have zippers that can be re-sealed and kept for a very long time. This can be a very important point because customers want to keep their things fresh for as long as possible.

You Can Customize As You Like

The best thing you want for your product is for your customer to perceive that it is a high quality product. You can surely get the boxes or cans customized, but they will not have the same effects as the laminated pouches you could use. It may seem that you can’t modify it as per your requirements, but it is actually as very easy task. This gives you an advantage of playing around with graphics, colors and font on your product packaging.

Incredibly Durable

Stand up pouches have made their way to the beverage makers as well. That is because of their incredible durability and reliability. What makes them even more ideal is that they are heat-sealed and are absolutely leak-free. You can make valves over it to pour the beverages or if you are selling something like cooking oil or have holes in them for the little packets of juices. They are fool-proof and are totally immune to all the outside pollution.

Heat Conduction

Stand up pouches are much better heat conductors than cans can ever be. You can store any kind of food in it and have it heated without having to remove it. Fish, for instance, can be stored in the stand up pouches and placed in re-sealable bags. You can even heat the fish more evenly in the stand up pouches than you could in a can.

You Can Even Decide the Shape

That’s right.

You can not only play around with the graphics but also have it cut into the shape that you want.

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